Host Family FAQs

Q: What are the requirements for becoming a host family?

A: The primary requirement for becoming a host family is the desire to open your heart and home to our participants. Secondly, the host family must apply and be interviewed as well as visited in the home. Approved host families must complete our Host Family Orientation and commit to our JLH Principles™

Q: Can I meet the participant before the placement?

A: Not usually. JLH representatives will present you with the profile of a candidate, including nationality, age, gender and length of stay before a placement. At this time, the host has the opportunity to accept or decline the participant.

Q: What happens if the match is not compatible?

A: All homestay arrangements require some adjustment. If any problems arise that cannot be resolved directly with the participant, Just Like Home representatives will place the participant in another home within 24-36 hours.

Q: What is the maximum number of homestay participants I can host in my home per session?

A: Typically, we limit the number of placement to two per session. On an exception basis, we may allow three, depending on the size of the home and the number of bathrooms.

Q: When do I receive compensation for the homestay visit?

A: Your homestay participant pays Just Like Home for each four-week stay at the beginning of each cycle. The host family is paid for the four week stay at the end of the first week of the stay.  If either party is not satisfied with the match, the host family must refund the unused portion of the homestay fee.

Q: How are host family and homestay participant matched?

A: The personal profiles and requirements (from the applications) of both the host families and homestay participants are compared and matched accordingly. The host family will have the option of accepting a participant after learning about the participant’s profile.

Q: Are the homestay participants screened before placement in the home?

A: All homestay participants must provide the U.S. with certain health and other immigration documents to obtain a visa. Just Like Home also requires all participants to complete an application, disclosing background and health information.

Q: What is the average length of stay for homestay participants?

A: The length of homestay can range from one week to several months. The average stay is 8-12 weeks.

Q: Will my homestay participant speak English?

A: Yes. English language students will have varying levels of proficiency; however, the college students and the executives are usually more proficient in English.

Q: What is the purpose/nature of homestay participants’ visits?

A: International visitors will be participating in one of our two programs. They will either be students or executives. Students will attend language schools or colleges, where they will study English or pursue a degree. Executive will be working as medical or business professionals, scholars or interns.

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